San Diego STARS – High School/College Prep Program

After training in the STARS Baseball Academy, players graduate into the “High School/College Prep Program” and everything intensifies! Their training is geared for one thing…playing high school baseball. There is one goal for San Diego STARS players at this stage of their young baseball careers…play high school baseball at a very high level. They come to understand that if they work hard enough there is no reason why they cannot play Varsity baseball in their freshman year of high school.

As a player turns 15, 16 years of age, he begins to take his game far more seriously. He begins to think about his future as it relates to baseball. At 18 he needs to understand that his baseball skills need to translate into an asset for his future.

San Diego STARS coaches understands “visibility” is the key to this age group and to play at a national level. This includes getting seen by as many Pro Scouts and College Recruiters as possible to ensure players receive the best possible college scholarships…or the best possible pro contract.


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